Create automated, private feedback loops with your patient’s after any encounter.

PulseMD is a cloud-based solution that contacts your patients to measure their level of satisfaction using the Patient Loyalty Index™, a single, proven metric that has high correlation to business growth, patient satisfaction and probability of patient abandonment.

The Most Sophisticated Method to Improve Patient Care



Simply define a ‘trigger’ within your electronic health record and collect actionable insights that can impact patient care in real time.

Collect Instant Feedback

Full EHR Integration

HIPAA Compliant

Autonomous Workflow

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Real-Time Alerts

Endless Benefits. Endless Value.


Increase Your Revenue

Healthcare organizations generate an average of 6x more revenue from a loyal patient as oppose to one who seeks healthcare elsewhere.

Improve Your Reputation

Nearly 40% of patients select a provider based on online reviews. If inappropriately managed, a healthcare organization could appear to deliver poor care.

Prevent Patient Abandonment

84% of patients can be recovered who would otherwise abandon a healthcare organization due to unresolved operational issues.

Word-of-Mouth Referrals

Patients are 57% more likely to recommend a provider when they are converted into loyal brand advocates.

Reputation Management
Reputation Management

Now, more than ever, consumers are selecting their healthcare providers based on a wide variety of information made available to them through online reviews. A single online review can inaccurately brand you as a poor healthcare provider and tarnish your medical reputation for years.

Service Recovery
Service Recovery

Healthcare organizations should know their trending patient satisfaction scores in real-time and have the ability to immediately and actively contact patients that have a negative experience. Addressing issues immediately will keep patients from leaving the healthcare organization for a competitor’s service.

Minimize Detractors
Minimize Detractors

Dissatisfied patient feedback should be viewed as opportunities for growth and improvement. By taking an active approach to resolving these opportunities, healthcare organizations will be able to convert unhappy patients into happy patients.

Mobilize Promoters
Mobilize Promoters

The highest complement a patient can give you is the referral of friends and family. If you are not engaging patients in a modern and meaningful way, they are likely unaware of this fact and you are missing a highly impactful marketing opportunity.

Perception is Reality and Reality is Growth.



Satisfied patients rarely refer friends and family while dissatisfied patients commonly look for outlets to vent their frustrations.
Inappropriately managed, your reputation can be damaged and you can appear to deliver poor quality of care.

19 of 20 unhappy patients said inadequate communications and disorganized operations drove them to post harsh online reviews.

-Journal of Medical Practice Management

Powerful Insights on Your Organization’s Core Business



PulseMD does more than collect feedback from your patients. Utilize the included web-based dashboard to review submissions, visualize and track trends, identify patients with a high abandonment risk and measure the impact of service recovery on your organization. Whether you are a single medical office, a hospital-based medical system or a national medial provider with thousands of locations, PulseMD can scale with your organization and identify bottlenecks in your care delivery model.

PulseMD Dashboard
PulseMD Feedback

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