Engaging Patients Has Never Been Easier







Electronic Health Record Integration

Interoperability Independence
Connect to any electronic health record your organization uses.

Data IncorporationNew
Combine existing data you already have to get a clearer picture.

Unbiased Sampling
100% of patients contacted to provide feedback.

ADT Interface
Send PulseMD only relevant data and protect the rest.

Organizational SegmentationNew
Correlate responses to locations, departments and providers to identify bottleneck areas.

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Patient Engagement

Simple Interface
Familiar, short answer interface that captures feedback within seconds.

Device Neutral
Allow patients to respond on any personal mobile device at a time and place convenient for them.

Email RedirectNew
Automatically reroute unanswered messages to an email address on file.

Contact patients in their preferred mother tongue.

Blacklist & Opt Out OptionNew
Give patients control over notification preferences.

Client Features

Instant Feedback
Patient feedback received within seconds, not weeks or months after a visit.

A Single, Proven Data Point
The Patient Loyalty Index™ measures likelihood of patient abandonment and best predicts your patient experience performance.

Real-Time Service Recovery Alerts
Notify the appropriate personnel the moment a patient responds unfavorably.

Dynamic Reports
Run fast reports in easy to read formats to review with and motivate your team.

Customized BrandingNew
It’s you and their doctor contacting them for feedback, not us.

Automated WorkflowBeta
Customize your workflow and schedule notifications to fire after defined intervals.

Multi-User DashboardBeta
Give your staff only the access they need to best impact their locations and departments.

PulseMD Feedback
Actionable Insights

Beyond Metrics
Know the who, what, where, when and why as it relates to the patient experience.

Measure Your ImpactNew
Visualize the patient perception of care as it evolves from visit-to-visit and across every touch point within your organization.

Dollars and CentsBeta
Measure healthcare dollars ‘at risk’ against your trending feedback and recovery activities.

Minimize Detractors
PulseMD creates a controlled outlet for unhappy patients to vent and you to respond before they take action on online review sites.

Mobilize PromotersBeta
Highly satisfied patient? Point them to your website or a third-party review site to promote your services to future patients.

Market Development

Patient Testimonial Report
Print a snapshot of positive comments that your marketing team can share with your referral audience.

Online Reputation ManagementBeta
Prompt only highly satisfied patients to visit your online review sites to capture more positive reviews.

Feedback RedirectBeta
Route feedback from patients back to their referring physician to promote high quality care and gain more referrals.

Referral ImpactBeta
View patient feedback from all patients referred by a specific provider to understand barriers to growth.

Free Marketing Material TemplatesNew
Make sure your referral audience is aware you measure their patient’s experience and that it’s important to you. You’ll get more referrals this way.

HIPAA Compliance

End-to-End Encryption
The highest level of security is used and maintained in accordance with HIPAA and HITECH laws and regulations.

Message Protection 
PHI is never transmitted to your patients.

Patient Protection
PulseMD cannot access data within your EHR regarding diagnosis, plan of care, medications, prognosis and treatments.

User Access Restrictions
Each user in your organization only has access to the data relevant to their specific role and function.

User Access Logs
We maintain logs to keep you compliant.